Gavin Leach (Dave Grohl)



Gavin is formerly the lead singer of an original unsigned Rock Band had been playing gigs all over the Midlands.

After leaving the band,  he sadly had little interest in doing anything musically again in the future. After a few try outs with other original acts he decided to start his own band again. After placing an Ad,  unbeknown to him, he was contacting our Guitarist about starting something original. Gavin decided to come for a Jam at our local recording studio and absolutley loved it.

Gav definitely has the Grohl Growl and is a Natural Frontman and is sure to get the crowd going !. 


Favourite Foo's Song:
Favourite Song to Sing:
Stage Gear:
Epiphone Firebird ( Pelham Blue )
Marshall DSL 100
Marshall Cab
Boss Tu-3 Tuner
Shure 58 Microphone