AIden Roberts (Nate Mendel)



Aiden started playing Guitar at the once clean shaven age of 14,  but after years of mediocre playing he decided to switch on to bass to follow in the footsteps of his musical heroes (Simon Gallup, Mike Dirnt, John Entwhistle and of course Lemmy).

After much persistence he has made his breakthrough into the Food Fighterz with much excitement and enthusiasm with the promise of delivering the same electric performances of the man himself, Mr Nate Mendel.


Stage Gear:

  • Nate Mendel sig P-Bass
  • Ashdown evo 300 head
  • Ashdown 4x12 450w cab


Pedal Board:

  • Ashdown NM2 Double Distortion pedal
  • Ashdown Bass Boost
  • Ashdown Bass Compressor


Favourite Foo Fighters Song:

  • Everlong

Favourite Song To Play

  • Bridge Burning
  • ​​​​​​​All My Life